Fringe St. Lucia Festival 2014: Written Word


“Fringe St. Lucia” (which is now under way) is a project that aims to develop an open access ‘Fringe Festival’ model. Brighton Fringe (UK) will be a partner to introduce the first Fringe Festival into the Caribbean and subsequently into The World Fringe Network. In St Lucia, ‘Fringe St Lucia’ will be partnered within the St Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival.

Description: Fringe St Lucia will take place in the month of May with the first two weeks in St Lucia and the second two weeks in Brighton, with the focus on writers of all genres (five) from St Lucia and (five) from the UK.

Fringe St Lucia focuses on a different art forms each year, starting with the written word in 2014, involving poets, novelists, storytellers, scriptwriters (films based on short fiction and poetry) and comedy.

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