Jazz in the South 2014 in St. Lucia


The upcoming Jazz in the South concert in Laborie, St. Lucia—this Sunday, May 4, at 3:00pm at Rudy John Beach Park—features Jacques Schwartz-Bart (shown above in a photo by Marc Baptiste) and his Jazz Racine Haiti, featuring Erol Josué. Other performers include young Martinique rising star Grégory Privat and the Children of Cyparis as well as the Shomari and Wendell Jazz Project.

Our readers should know that, unlike the main festival, Jazz in the South focuses on Creole jazz and is one of the very few Caribbean jazz festivals that supports and showcases Caribbean talent. Unfortunately, it is now struggling for its life, because as a community-based event, it is underfunded. It will need all the help and sponsorship possible if it is to continue through years to come.

Please see the teaser of Labowi Promotions’ Jazz in the South Caribbean Festival: The Movie below:


For more information, see http://www.labowipromotions.com/  and http://www.jazzinthesouth.org/

[Many thanks to Simon Lee for bringing this item to our attention.]

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