Robert Whyte: Calls for Proper Performance Venue in Grenada

Robert-WhyteLinda Straker writes about one of Grenada’s well-known actors, Robert Whyte, who underlines the need for a proper performance venue, with proper technical support, in order to make “second to none productions.” He stresses that “this can provide the foundation for an explosion of top quality theatre entertainment.” Whyte is a member of Heritage Theatre Company, which recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. Here are excerpts:

“I am not condemning what we have, because we are working with what we have, but what we need is a proper facility. All available venues are not equipped for the best of productions that will make audiences have the wow moment,” said Robert Whyte.

Recalling a performance he had in Aruba, in which the scene had him in a boat in the open sky, Whyte said, “Up to this date I cannot forget how I felt when the special effects came on, I actually felt like I was on an actual boat in the ocean.”

[. . .] He said that there are many challenges facing the theatrical  industry and, having spent the past 25 years watching its development, he believes that more needs to be done for those involved in the creative industries to get the respect their truly deserve. [. . .]

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