Bolt Donates Sports Gear to Alpha Boys’ School

BOLT2_w304Through his Usain Bolt Foundation, sprinter Usain Bolt donated footwear, football gear and T-shirts to students at the Alpha Boys’ School in Kingston.  

Bolt spoke to students about discipline and values after making the donation, the school administration said. “The benefit of being successful on the track means I can be of help to those in need off the track,” the legendary sprinter said at the handing over of the gear.

Meanwhile the school administration thanked Bolt for the donation saying that the Puma running shoes will be a valuable item to Alpha students who “increasingly participate and come out on top in their age groups, in running events in the Kingston Metropolitan Area”.  “The donation is extremely timely in light of the upcoming activities being staged next week, April 16, for Alpha’s Sports Day,” the school, known for its achievements in music, said in a release Thursday.

For original article, see–School

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