Chronixx Takes “Dread and Terrible” To Europe


Chronixx is getting rave reviews on his “Dread and Terrible” Tour of Europe. The “Dread and Terrible” project is a compilation of 7 tracks and 3 dub versions produced by various producers. The Dread & Terrible world tour started in Amsterdam on March 27, 2014.

The 21 year old Jamaican singer wore many hats for the “Dread and Terrible” project; he wrote and composed all the tracks and mixed some of the tracks himself. According to his website, Chronixx has been integral in every aspect of putting this project together from the creation of the artwork to all the visuals.

According to Irie FM, Chronixx and the Zincfence Redemption Band along with Kelissa and Dre Island are on the tour. They will also be in Barcelona and then in Portugal on the weekend for two shows.

In the video in the link below, Chronixx gives Music News some feedback, live from France.

4 thoughts on “Chronixx Takes “Dread and Terrible” To Europe

  1. Reblogged this on Dance Hall and commented:
    🎵Gimme di one drop beat and a mic” every time! Doing Europe, building the reggae nation, making important publishing and recording deals, I am super super proud of young artists such as Chronixx. Hits after hits wi seh….. Now it’s time for soldiers in Jah army to roll out for the ‘Dread and Terrible’ tour of Europe.

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