Research Centre for Latin American and Caribbean Studies Approved


SML Professor Rosaleen Howard will lead on the establishment of a research center, the “Centre for Latin American and Caribbean Studies” at Newcastle University’s School of Modern Languages at Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom.

The profile of the University’s excellence in research, teaching, engagement, and impact activity in the region will be boosted at a national and international level by housing it within a University Research Centre structure.

It will strengthen and build on the Area Studies and interdisciplinary research capacity on Latin America and the Caribbean that exists at Newcastle, currently housed largely within the HaSS Faculty Americas Research Group (ARG). The Centre will facilitate the creation of a platform for more robust and sustainable networking with academics, practitioners, policy-makers and NGOs working in and on this geographical area. It will also help facilitate collaborative research bids, and aid postgraduate recruitment, cross-disciplinary supervision, and PGR peer learning and networking on Latin American and Caribbean issues.

A framework will be established within CLACS from which to engage proactively with the University’s Societal Challenge Themes, especially sustainability and social renewal, building on established links of ARG members. In addition, at HaSS Faculty level there will be opportunities to reinforce collaborations with existing URCs such as the Centre for Film and Digital Media, the Centre for Research into Language and Linguistics and the Centre for Urban and Regional Development Studies.

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