Art Exhibition: Rabindranat Díaz Cardona’s “Imagin r Survivor” 


“Imagin r Survivor” is the title of Rabindranat Díaz Cardona’s exhibition, presently on view at the East Wing of the Old Arsenal of the Spanish Navy [Antiguo Arsenal de la Marina Española] at La Puntilla, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Description: “Imagin r Survivor” gathers a panoramic selection of works by Rabindranat Díaz Cardona from the late nineties until today. Throughout his career, Díaz Cardona has consistently developed a pictorial vocabulary that appropriates strategies from caricature and narrative, which, from the vantage point of a very intimate language, gives us clues about issues that may seem to be personal. His work serves as a commentated record of an artist’s subjectivity that observes the political reality and daily life in the colony with humor and irony. The collection of portraits, figures, landscapes and models that make up the exhibition is articulated as a showcase of ideas and scenarios that may be combined at will. The exhibition is an invitation to observe—with alertness and humor—an opportunity to see ourselves collectively through imaginary characters, salsa singers, and figures from the local art scene.


Teo Freytes (MSA Experimental Art) writes: “We encounter a forest, or a bonsai re-creation of such a wonder over a table, or what seems to be a table. A lush forest yet barren of human and animal life. What might lurk in such space, what could be behind, above, below, besides that tree, is there someone watching, [or] am I truly alone? But… as we look around, we discover that the gallery is full of pseudo-human and pseudo-animal images, all depicted in a style which could be considered “low brow art”, somewhat like caricatures, but not quite. They hold a primitive aspect [. . .]. Humans in a catatonic state, frozen in time like the unusual snapshots of unrelated scenes, all looking at each other and at the spectator, as if it they knew what was going on. Silence in a paralyzed state (hood). In this show we might find ourselves among a series of portraits, amongst those of friends, art collectors, celebrity artists, pseudo-art critics… Unlike illustrations, these portraits look back at us without expression, more like mug shots drawn from the archives of the NSA. Are we the lucky survivors, or are we the bold obstacles in a society that is already long stuck by the anxiety that it may lose its welfare?”

RabindranatBiography: Born in San Sebastian, Puerto Rico in 1972, Rabindranat Díaz Cardona completed a BA in painting from the School of Visual Arts of Puerto Rico and pursued graduate studies at Hunter College-CUNY. He currently lives and works in San Juan and Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. His first solo exhibition was “Portorisenses” in 1996, which received an award by the International Association of Art Critics (AICA), Puerto Rico Chapter. Early on, he exhibited his work with the X Group, a collective of artists led by Domingo García. He has presented a number of solo projects in Puerto Rico and has participated in group exhibitions in Cuba, Germany, Puerto Rico, Spain, Switzerland, and the United States. His recent group exhibitions include Colectiva Monopatín 2.0, c787studio, in Santurce, Puerto Rico (2013) and Pie forzado 001, curated by Juan Alberto Negroni for the Georgia College Museum in Milledgeville, Georgia (2013).

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