Caribbean Conferences April 2014


Our thanks to Peter Jordens for compiling this update on upcoming conferences for our readers. The abbreviated list is below. To download the full list, which covers the period ending in January 2015 and contains additional information about the conferences listed click here: Caribbean conferences 2014 April

Abbreviated list of scholarly conferences relevant to the Caribbean

Month of April 2014 only

April 4-6, 2014. Austin, Texas, USA
(Univ. of Texas) Annual Africa Conference: “African Diasporas: Old and New”


April 4-6, 2014. Miami, Florida, USA
40th Annual FCSA (Florida Caribbean Students’ Association) Conference: “Empowering the Next Generation of Caribbean Leaders”


April 7-9, 2014. Guanajuato, Guanajuato, México

1st International Conference on Hispanic-American Literature: “Criticism, Poetics and Literary Theory”

Webpage; Weblog

April 8-11, 2014. La Habana, Cuba

9th International Music and Poetry Festival and Colloquium dedicated to Nicolás Guillén: “By the Caribbean Sea”


April 9-11, 2014. Chetumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico

19th AMEC (Mexican Association of Caribbean Studies) Conference: “Education and Culture in the Caribbean”


April 11-12, 2014. Kent, Ohio, USA
2nd Biannual Africa and the Global Atlantic World Conference: “Revisiting Black History, Identities, Sexualities, and Popular Culture”


April 11-12, 2014. New York, New York, USA

(Latin American History) Graduate Student Conference: “Questioning Spaces of Citizenship in Latin America and the Caribbean”


April 12-16, 2014. Santiago, Cuba             

13th International Conference of African and Afro-American Culture


April 16-17, 2014. Mona, Jamaica

Inaugural Academic Conference on International Football: “Ideology, Culture, Politics and Everyday Life”

Webpage, Facebook page: acif2014

April 21-25, 2014. Varadero, Cuba

11th CubaSolar Workshop: “Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development: Renewable Energy Sources”

Website or

April 23-25, 2014. Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

15th Annual SALISES Conference: “Caribbean Development: Standing Still or Standing Tall? Theoretical, Empirical and Policy Challenges”


April 23-25, 2014. La Habana, Cuba

International Seminar: “Markers of Time in the Caribbean”


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