Dance Diplomacy: U.S. Choreographer Ronald K. Brown Performs in Cuba


U.S. choreographer Ronald K. Brown has been “Opening up dialogue through dance,” as he explains his time in Cuba, where he is performing at Havana’s Mella Theater. He believes dance diplomacy could be the vehicle that starts a conversation between the two governments. Here are excerpts with a link to the full article below:

The award-winning choreographer chose Cuba’s “MalPaso” contemporary dance company to perform one of his original works, “Porque Sigues” [why do you continue or why do you follow], a piece that [. . .] fuses African, American and Cuban influences.

Brown was selected by the Joyce Theater in New York to promote a two-year art partnership between the United States and Cuba. Under that, the Cuban dancers will leap from the Havana stage to one in the Big Apple later this spring to perform more works by Brown.

Friday night’s packed house included Nick Schwartz-Hall from the Brooklyn Academy of Music. “There was a cultural conversation [between Cuba and the United States] that was interrupted and we’ve all been the poorer because of it,” said Schwartz-Hall, who argues that the two countries’ shared cultural roots have the power to transcend political differences.

For full article, see

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