Art Exhibition: “Plastic(o) Fantastic(o)” at the Central Bank of the Bahamas


The Central Bank of the Bahamas presents a group exhibition by Plastic(o) Fantastic(o), an international artist collective based in Nassau, Bahamas. The opening reception will be held on April 2, 2014 from 6:00-9:00pm. The exhibition presents work in photography, video, painting, and sculpture.

The Plastic(o) Fantastic(o) collective consists of Maria K Braga, Rafael D’Alo, Ruben Millares, Alex Timchula, and Antonia Wright (see work above). The collective began in the summer of 2013 because of a shared belief that through art one can open the dialogue and raise awareness on important issues, using the Bahamas as a blueprint for the greater world. The [. . .] works are the result of the artists’ experience of being in the Bahamas while researching some of the groups’ ideas and possible direction for the island’s future in the face of environmental and social challenges.

For more information, see an ARC Magazine post at and

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