Photography Exhibition and New DVD: Casa de las Américas Honors Santiago Feliú (1962-2014)


Last night (March 28, 2014) Casa de las Américas rendered tribute to the recently deceased troubadour and songwriter Santiago Feliú with the presentation of the new DVD Santiago joelsuarezFeliú Antológico and the opening of the photographic exhibition “De la reencarnación y otras fotografías de amor” [Of Reincarnation and Other Photographs of Love] which included images captured by Feliú himself. It was a very emotional evening, with readings of Facebook, comments, open chats, and presentations and reminiscences by Joel Suárez and director Lester Hamlet.

Santiago Feliú Antológico (which takes its title from the most recent series of Feliú’s concerts), was presented as a celebration of what would have been the singer’s 52nd birthday. This audiovisual work, which highlights of the singer’s life, friendships, and artistic trajectory, was produced by Lester Hamlet under the auspices of Producciones Colibrí.

The singer/songwriter died of a sudden heart attack on February 12, 2014, in Havana, at 51 years of age. Born in Havana on March 29, 1962, Santiaguito or Santi—as he is lovingly called—belonged to the Nueva Trova movement and had a strong presence in the Novísima Trova. His talent was solidified by memorable songs such as “Vida” and “Ay, la vida,” and many more.

Among his major hits are: “Para Bárbara,” sung by Silvio Rodríguez in a 1980 concert. In the 80s, Feliú went on tour with Rodríguez  through Spain and South America. In 1985 he formed his own band and took part in numerous festivals in Cuba and Europe. In his many recordings, he sang with his brother, Silvio Rodríguez, Nicola, Pablo Milanés, Omara Portuondo, Joan Manuel Serrat, Luis Eduardo Aute, Ismael Serrano, León Gieco, Fito Páez, and Juan Carlos Baglietto among others.

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