Call for Submissions: Book Chapters for “Vodou: I Remember”


This is a call for book chapters for Vodou: I Remember—The Idea of Vodou in Haitian Thought, Literature, Music, and Art; edited by Celucien L. Joseph, Asselin Charles,  Shallum Pierre, and Nixon S. Cleophat. The deadline to submit a 300 word abstract is May 23, 2014 (complete book chapter due on Friday, October 24, 2014).

Description: Throughout Haitian history—from 18th century colonial Saint-Domingue to 21st century postcolonial Haiti—it can be said that the Afro-Haitian Religion of Vodou has been represented as an “unsettling faith” and even a “cultural paradox,” as expressed in Haitian literature, thought, law, politics, painting, music, and Haitian art. An “idea” of Vodou has emerged from each of these cultural symbols and representations, and intellectual expressions. The Vodouist discourse not only pervades every aspect of the Haitian life and experience, it has had a momentous impact on the evolution of Haitian intellectual, aesthetic, and literary imagination as well as on Haitian theological discourse.  In addition, with the emergence of and great interest in Haitian studies in North America, the need to explore all dimensions of the Haitian life and writing, particularly of the Haitian religious experience in Vodou, is critical and much needed for current and future scholarship, as well as for students of culture, history, and religion. [. . .]

This project is interdisciplinary and transnational in nature and content. The first objective of this project is to explore how Haitian writers, artists, cultural critics, intellectuals, and theologians have imagined and engaged the Vodou religion and spirituality, and correspondingly, constructed their own ideas of the Afro-Haitian Religion. The second objective is to study comparatively the connections and relationships between Vodou and African traditional religions (i.e. traditional Yoruba religion). Such studies might enhance our understanding of the religion, and the connections between Africa and its Diaspora through shared religious patterns and practices.

The emphasis of this volume is on “the idea and representation of Vodou” and the connections between Vodou and traditional Yoruba religion. The contributor should be mindful of the transnational and transcultural perspectives of Vodou, as well as the cultural, socio-economic, and political context which gave birth to different visions and ideas of Vodou. The book is divided in five parts as follows: Part I: Vodou and Haitian intellectuals and cultural critics, Part II: Vodou and Haitian Women, Part III: Vodou and Haitian Theologians, Part IV: Vodou and Haitian art, painting, (folkloric) dance, and music (mizik rasin [“roots music”]), and Part V: Vodou and Traditional Yoruba Religion.

If you would like to contribute to this important volume, along with your CV, please submit a 300 word abstract by May 23, 2014, to  or

For a full description, including a list of suggested topics, write to  or and visit Contemporary Haitian Art (Sponsor and Partner)


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