Jamaican tennis player DUSTIN BROWN: Beating Hewitt was the best and teaming up with Noah would be fun


From The Daily Mail, an interview with Dustin Brown.

This week’s King of the Court is Dustin Brown, the unorthodox German world No 102 nicknamed “Dreddy”.
Brown was born in Germany to a Jamaican father and German mother and moved to the Caribbean island at the age of ten. He initially represented Jamaica before switching to his country of birth in 2010.
The 29-year-old is well-known for travelling around the tour in his early days in a Volkswagen camper van, sleeping and eating in it to cut costs.
Brown reached the third round at Wimbledon last year and has won two ATP World Tour doubles titles.
What is the best match you have ever played?
Probably against Lleyton Hewitt last year at Wimbledon in the second round [Brown won in four sets]

What is the worst?
I try to forget them as fast as possible. I can’t recall.
If you could team up in doubles with any player from history, who would it be and why?
There would be a few. I probably would like to play with Pat Rafter or Pete Sampras because that’s the type of game I tend to play or like to play, serve and volley. Or Yannick Noah – that would also be fun.
Who are your best friends in the locker room and what do you get up to with them as you travel the world?
Well, I’m getting to know Austin Krajicek [his doubles partner] pretty well. Also there are a couple of German guys like Bjorn Phau.
When you are travelling all the time, you try to catch dinner together in the evening, catch a movie or even go out and have a drink. I try to have a little bit of a normal life outside of the tennis court.

Who is your favourite sports team or athlete and what is your most memorable moment watching them?
Actually nothing because when I moved to Jamaica, I stopped watching cable TV. I moved there when I was ten. Before that I was a fan of Bayern Munich and the Chicago Bulls but that was when Dennis Rodman was playing so that’s a long time ago.
What is your favourite travel destination away from the tennis tour?
I really like Johannesburg in South Africa – that was always great. And also Jamaica, but that is kind of home.
What is your favourite song and film of all time?
My favourite song changes the whole time so that’s not easy to say. I’ll go with Training Day for my favourite film.
What would be your last meal on earth?
A good German breakfast with eggs, bacon and all that. For lunch I will go with something home cooked from my mum or dad. And dinner would be a McDonald’s Big Mac Maxi Menu with French Fries and a Fanta.
Which three people would you invite to the meal?
Probably my best friend Daniel and my parents since I don’t get to see them that often.
If there was one rule in tennis you could change, what would it be?
Make the court a little bigger so I don’t miss that much.

For the original report go to http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/tennis/article-2587659/DUSTIN-BROWN-Beating-Hewitt-best-teaming-Noah-fun.html

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