Art Exhibition: José Luis Vargas’ “¡Vidente desde niño!” 


José Luis Vargas’ solo exhibition “¡Vidente desde niño!” [Seer since Childhood!] is on view in the West Wing of the Old Arsenal of the Spanish Navy [Antiguo Arsenal de la Marina Española] at La Puntilla, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. In his reaction to the show, Teo Freytes comments: “As I walked through the opening of José Luis Vargas’ current exhibition, I found myself surrounded by the characters of the images presented  by the artist. I was eventually escorted by them into a dream like space, where it all seemed to spin out of proportion. Was I in the midst of a freak show or in another such place?  Had I been lead into some type of a surreal fairytale? Had time ended, or had it sped up?” Read more in the link below.

Description: “Seer since Childhood!” presents a wide selection of pictorial work by José Luis Vargas. This collection of images—full of irony and sarcasm—critically address the contradictory reality of living in a Caribbean country that views itself from the outside and does not recognize itself. The selection is composed of works on paper that have never been exhibited before. It also includes a wide representation of work in large-scale format. Since the 90s, Vargas has articulated work that combines popular imagery and science fiction, with very individual strategies of expressionism and “bad painting.” His experience as an educator and transdisciplinary artist has allowed him to choose his lexicon from a wide panorama of possibilities that complement his painting. Many of the stories that are represented in the exhibition are references to soap operas, performative projects, and major happenings. As part of the exhibition, the public will have the opportunity to contribute to the exhibition by leaving images that they will produce during their visit.

José Luis Vargas Vázquez was born in Santurce, Puerto Rico in 1965. He holds a BA in painting from the Pratt Institute in New York and an MA in painting from the Royal College of Art in London. His work has been exhibited in England, New York, Switzerland and Puerto Rico. He has won awards in competitions for young artists in group exhibitions and he also received an award in the John Moores contest in Liverpool, England in 1993. He currently teaches at the School of Visual Arts and at the University of Puerto Rico-Río Piedras. He is a founder of The Museum of Supernatural History, a multimedia and performative event that brings together artists from different disciplines.

For more information, you may call the exhibition space at (787) 724-5932 / 724-1877 / 725-8320

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