Story Of Miss Lou Told In New Book


Miss Lou: Louise Bennett and Jamaican Identity is written by Mervyn Morris.

THE CAREER of Louise Bennett, affectionately known as Miss Lou, is an essential component in any reckoning of Jamaican culture.

This book offers a brief account of the life of one of Jamaica’s most famous poets; a story of challenges and blessings, of a journey towards national and international acclaim.

It draws on a variety of sources, including interviews, archives, academic theses, documentary projects, recorded performances and Louise Bennett’s own writings.

The book also offers an assessment of Miss Lou’s contribution to the arts.

She was a key figure in the transformation of the Little Theatre Movement pantomime; a well-trained actor; an expert creator of Anancy stories; a television personality regularly engaging with children; and a distinctive radio commentator.

Her proud use of Jamaican creole in her work won her favour among people in her homeland.

Though she did use standard English in many contexts, and did not wish her country rid of it, it was her use of Jamaican patois, often with comedic effect, that really earned her the admiration of Jamaicans both at home and abroad.

As Jamaica’s “first lady of comedy”, Miss Lou delighted audiences in many parts of the world and her publications have been praised internationally.

This new book seeks to breathe new life into work and legacy of one of Jamaica’s most revered poets.

Miss Lou: Louise Bennett and Jamaican Identity will be published next month through Macmillan Distribution.

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