New Book: Ingo Giezendanner’s “Grrrringo”

Portada libro

Grrrringo, an art book with drawings of the Dominican Republic and Haiti, was recently published by Ediciones De a Poco.

Description: Ediciones De a Poco invited the Swiss artist Ingo Giezendanner to the Dominican Republic and Haiti in March and April 2013. The result of Ingo Giezendanner stay in Dominican Republic and Haiti was the publication of the book Grrrringo, which was presented in Santo Domingo on Wednesday, February 19, 2014.

Grrrringo is a paperpack with 172 pages of drawings. It is a travelogue through the Dominican Republic and Haiti, a journey that takes us from Washington Heights to Santo Domingo and Port au Prince and leads us into a personal visual exploration of urban spaces in both sides of the island.

Ediciones De a Poco is an independent publishing house launched in January 2011 in Dominican Republic. Dedicated to fiction, poetry and artist books, Ediciones De a Poco aims to publish original works that contribute to an understanding of the contemporary Dominican and Caribbean realities. Furthermore, the publishing house aims to develop cultural exchange between the Dominican Republic and other countries.

Libro Ingo_2.indd

You can see a video of the complete book, shot by Ingo here:

Grrrringo is available for sale in various places in Santo Domingo and in the US/Canada/Puerto Rico via

For more on Ingo Giezendanner, see

[Images: top, Santo Domingo street scene on book cover; bottom, Leogane.]

For more information on Ediciones De a Poco, see

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