Film: ‘Keeping up with the Joneses: The Movie’ Impresses UK Audiences


Actors Daniel Best, Rotchell Gibbons, Kayrie Rice-Smith and Erskine Niles recently arrived in the UK for the London premiere of the ground-breaking film from Barbados’ Keeping up with The Joneses: The Movie. This film is a comedy-thriller based on the eponymous award-winning television series [see previous post Bajan Sitcom To Hit Uk Screens. It is the first Caribbean film premiere in the UK for 2014 and the first full feature film from Barbados ever to be shown in an official cinema in Britain. The London premiere of Keeping up with The Joneses: The Movie will be at the Stratford Picturehouse Cinema on March 27, 2014.

The actors all play members of the “Jones” family. Daniel is the father “Irving”, Rotchell the mother “Angela”, Kayrie the daughter “Tracy” and Erskine the brother-in-law “Anderson”. In the film, having become famous after featuring in a reality show, the Jones family is kidnapped – but help is at hand when the brother-in-law and his friends go on a mission to save them!

The film is a spin-off from the award-winning hit television series of the same name which has been shown on satellite and cable television every day in Britain since May 2013 and has been very popular with viewers. So much so that British visitors to Barbados have often mobbed the actors in the street! The TV series was filmed in a fly-on-the-wall format but the movie is filmed in the usual narrative style.

Arriving from Barbados today, Daniel said “It is a great honour to have our work on display on an international stage and I hope to develop links with other actors in the UK”. Rotchell said “After the very warm reception that the film received at the Birmingham premiere I am really looking forward to the London screening”. Kayrie said “It’s about time that the world is exposed to our Barbadian and Caribbean culture. Here’s hoping that we can help to give the Caribbean film industry (‘Collywood’) a boost!” Erskine said “This is a great occasion for the growing Barbadian film and television industry and I am grateful to be part of it”.

See trailer here:

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