Moko Magazine: Issue 2


Moko is an online journal based in the Virgin Islands; the editors explain: “we envisioned a space where both veteran and novice creators could share their work in the spirit of reciprocity and multiplicity.” Their second issue is now available. It features work by Kwame Dawes, Andre Bagoo, Andrea Chung, Jasmine Murrell, Petra Pierre-Robinson, Jaqueline Bishop, Tammi Browne-Bannister, Lola Gayle, Nancy Anne Miller, Opal Palmer Adisa, Leigha-Ceres de Roche, and Angelika Wallace-Whitfield.

Description: In Moko Issue 2, readers will find new works by the esteemed poet and educator Kwame Dawes, one of the Caribbean’s most celebrated writers, and also one of the first efforts by a talented high school student from Trinidad, Leigha-Ceres de Roche. The works featured in this issue range from site-specific installation art to pieces of short fiction.

In Moko Issue 2, we are also reminded that the Caribbean as a cultural sensibility extends further than the Antilles island chain and its diaspora. Nancy Anne Miller, a noted poet from the Atlantic island of Bermuda, shares with us poems of loss and bittersweet nostalgia. California-based artist Andrea Chung confronts the history of the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean via installation work that focuses on contemporary issues of post-colonial erasure.

The Caribbean sensibility reaches outwards, expands, but in a way that reverses the totalizing gestures of empire. In Issue 2 Trinidadian writer Andre Bagoo references the life of English-born poet W.H. Auden in “Auden in Iceland.” Jasmine Murrell shares with us sculptures infused with the flavor of Glissant’s rhizomatic humanism. In our very first critical piece, two Jamaicans in the diaspora, Dr. Opal Palmer Adisa and Jacqueline Bishop discuss poems and novels that Bishop has written in the United States, Mexico, and Morocco.

[Cover art by Lola Gayle.]

For access to Moko, go to

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