Pablo Milanés Performs in Puerto Rico


Cuban singer/songwriter Pablo Milanés performed last night and will perform this evening (March 22, 2014) at the Centro de Bellas Artes Luis A. Ferré in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The singer, who has a large following on the island, is offering a great show as only he can do. Known for hits such as “Yolanda,” Para vivir,” “Ya ves,” and “En breve espacio,” among others, he will perform these tried and true hits and he will also include songs from his new musical work ” Renacimiento” [Renaissance] which took around two years of work and is part of a personal and professional rebirth in his life. This new repertoire includes various totally new Cuban rhythms with the same musical quality that characterize this artist. The last time he performed in Puerto Rico was in 2009.

In an interview with EFE, Milanés indicated that he would love to work with Puerto Rican singer Gilberto Santa Rosa, also known as “El caballero de la salsa.” He said, “In my previous albums I always thought of him and yet I never extended the invitation. For my next project, I would like him to agree to work with me.”

For more information, see and!Hr58UscY322PE/

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