New Book: Eliot H. Bailey’s “Chasing a Miracle”


St. Lucian Eliot H. Bailey’s Chasing a Miracle has been called an “exciting page-turner,” “a good thriller with mystery and some adventure thrown in the mix,” and a “pick-me-up” mystery, which leaves readers believing in miracles.

Description: When Dr. Adam Bell’s pregnant wife is infected with a fatal virus, the only thing that can save her is a miracle. However, after Adam, a high-ranking government scientist, is caught concealing the breakthrough of an ancient code, his ruthless power-hungry boss, issues a spine-chilling ultimatum. Adam must embark upon a series of dangerous leaps of faith. He must attempt to follow the universe’s mysterious path of seemingly random opportunities and apply the code to engineer a miracle.

As Chief Investigator, he knows the difference only too well. After all, ‘miracles’ are his official business at the Bureau of Scientific Scepticism (B.O.S.S.), and his good nature and intellectual curiosity soon cause him to delve more deeply than required into the anatomy and character of miracles – All in keeping with the bureau’s secret agenda. This happens not a moment too soon as it turns out, when without warning his own dire need for a miracle transforms his usual impartial, objective, routine work with the federal government bureau into an inordinately personal, life-and-death chase. Adam is also, of necessity, himself inherently transformed from the quiet, plodding, somewhat hesitating investigator, unused to police work, into a man on a mission, a father-to-be with a cause, where time is of the essence, and there’s no room for error.

Eliot H. Bailey (1983) was born in St. Lucia. He is co-owner and Managing Director of the #1 tour company in St. Lucia, LucianStyle.

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