Guatíbiri Gallery Celebrates 40 Years


In November 2013, Guatíbiri Gallery celebrated 40 years of uninterrupted artistic and educational work in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico. In celebration of this milestone, artist Nelson Sambolín designed and donated a commemorative poster that will be presented on Friday, March 28, 2014, at 7:00pm. This valuable historical document, whose limited edition consists of 70 copies, is now available at Guatíbiri Gallery. Collectors are advised to acquire copies in advance, because a large audience is expected on that evening.

Guatíbiri is the oldest art gallery in Puerto Rico. Its director, Rubén Malavé, feels that his greatest achievement has been to have sown the seeds of art for hundreds of young people, some of whom, over the years, have themselves become valuable artists and art teachers.

“That is why we invite all art lovers to acquire this poster and thus help to provide continuity to one of the most important cultural projects of the past four decades,” says Sambolín, who will be signing posters at the March 28 activity.

For more information (in Spanish) see

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