Dominican Republic’s Radical Priest Rogelio Cruz Confronts Xstrata Nickel


This is not the first time radical priest Rogelio Cruz has stood up against the exploitation of the by Canadian mining company Glencore Xstrata Nickel Falcondo of areas close to Bonao and La Vega in the Dominican Republic, particularly Loma Miranda. [Also see previous post Priest Warns against Mining at Loma Miranda, Dominican Republic.]

Dominican Republic’s icon radical priest Rogelio Cruz for the second time in as many months leads a protest Wednesday morning which snarls traffic on the Duarte highway near Loma Miranda, to demand that the Government declare it a National Park.

rogelio5Cruz warned 3,000 protesters are ready to occupy the mountains, if authorities ignore the will of the people. He said he’s willing to risk his own life if necessary, to prevent exploitation by Xstrata Nickel Falcondo. Hundreds of protesters in trucks, buses, motorbikes and scooters are currently gathered along a stretch of the Duarte Highway between the central cities of Bonao and La Vega, to demand a response by president Danilo Medina.

AMET traffic cops and Police agents arrived on the scene to prevent violence and restore transit. A tense calm prevails where the Catholic priest and supporters carry pickets demanding Loma Miranda’s protection, rejecting mining operations at the site.

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