New Network Launched: Latin American and Caribbean Migration Research


The new Latin American and Caribbean migration research network (MIGRALAC) has been launched to bring together researchers working on a broad range of issues relating to Latin American and Caribbean migration and diaspora.

Stemming from ideas arising in an informal COMPAS workshop, the network aims to bring together researchers from different disciplines in order to identify research gaps and encourage more comparative and interdisciplinary approaches to migration in the region. More details about the network can be found on the MigrationOxford page and on the blog about the network by Olivia Sheringham and Maria Villares (IMI).

A special seminar launch will be held on Monday 16 June 2014 and will include Peggy Levitt (Wellesley College), Cathy McIlwaine (University of London), Davide Pero (University of Nottingham), and Mette Berg (University of Oxford).

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