Art Exhibition: Jorge Pineda’s “La pratique de l’utopie


Sponsored by the Fondation Clément, Dominican artist Jorge Pineda’s solo exhibition, “La pratique de l’utopie” [The Practice of Utopia] opened on February 21 and will be on view until March 30, 2014, at the Habitation Clément, Case à Léo in Martinique. The exhibition consists of sculptures and drawings.

Jorge Pineda was born in 1961 in the Dominican Republic. He lives between Santo Domingo and Madrid. The exhibition he presents consists of sculptures and drawings. Drawings—with colored Bic pens, lead pencils, and/or watercolors—are of different media, sizes and techniques. These drawings are the result of a survey of the issues and concepts that the artist has pondered in his work for a decade. They are also notes for projects that have already been completed or that will be in the future. Each work is independent of the other and the ensemble gives the appearance of a kind of inventory, a labyrinth without a specific order. It is, as the artist says, “a way to build my own tower of Babel, as proposed J.L. Borges.”

The artist also shows a proposal of the Afro-Issues project, especially with two wooden sculptures: figures of adolescents placed against a wall. The project’s theme is impotence and violence, in which self-punishment and compliance are explored. On the same wall, freehand drawings reflect the anger and helplessness of these young people.

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