Two Caribbean drawing artists at the art fair “Drawing Now Paris”


A post by Peter Jordens.

Uprising Art, an art gallery in Paris, France, that specializes in Caribbean artists, will be participating in the 8th contemporary art fair “Drawing Now Paris: A Show of Contemporary Drawing” to be held in Paris from March 26 to 30, 2014.

Uprising Art Gallery will be presenting the emerging Cuban artist Frank Mujica (1985) and the established and internationally renowned Dominican Republic artist Jorge Pineda (1961).

In his drawings, Frank Mujica captures moments and spaces of nature that usually go unnoticed. He meditates on a reality that is transient and elusive.

Forming part of the “Near the forest,” project, drawings by Jorge Pineda speak to us about our dreams and fantasies. They represent girls who hide and dogs dressed as dogs, metaphors of a society that refuses to grow up.

Stand F11 – Drawing Now Paris

Espace Commines

17 Rue Commines

75003 Paris 3e

The original article (in French) is at

For samples of Mujica’s and Pineda’s drawings, go to,, and

For more information, contact the founder of Uprising Art, Claire Richer, at +33 6 2531 6047 or

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