Photographic Exhibition: Jewish Treasures of the Caribbean


Wyatt Gallery’s first exhibition, Jewish Treasures of The Caribbean, will open on Thursday March 20, 2014, from 6:30-8:00pm in Houston, Texas. The Kahn Gallery + Congregation Emanu El present an exhibition of 38 photographs from his forthcoming book Jewish Treasures of The Caribbean. 

Gallery has photographed every historic Sephardic Jewish site in the Caribbean dating back to the 1600’s, including the oldest synagogues and Jewish cemeteries in the Western Hemisphere. The photographer is seeking help through indiegogo (see below) to cover the production costs of the book, which will be distributed in Europe, North America, and the Caribbean.

Wyatt Gallery received his BFA from NYU Tisch School of The Arts in 1997. He is an award-winning American photographer who is known for using his photographs to raise awareness and support for communities damaged by natural disasters. He published his first monograph Tent Life: Haiti in 2011 with Umbrage Editions. Wyatt donated 100% of the royalties to relief efforts through J/P HRO, The Global Syndicate, and Healing Haiti. In 2012 he organized an exhibition at Foley Gallery in NYC of iPhone photographs by professional photographers that raised $21,000 for Hurricane Sandy relief in New York City and later published #SANDY with Daylight Books.

Interesting History

  • The oldest synagogue in the Western Hemisphere is located on the Caribbean island of Curaçao
  • Jews found refuge in the Caribbean fleeing after the Spanish & Portuguese Inquisition
  • Jewish merchants on the island of St. Eustatius fueled the success of the American Revolution
  • Jews brought the knowledge of sugar cultivation to the Caribbean in the 1600’s
  • The first two synagogues in the U.S.A. were funded by Jewish congregations in the Caribbean
  • Jews in the Caribbean did not always have full rights and sometimes had to pay a “Jew Tax”

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One thought on “Photographic Exhibition: Jewish Treasures of the Caribbean

  1. I was born on the sands of Caribbean land .It was last month that I traveled to Belize on a Cruise Vacation . I could some how relate Belize to the beaches at Caribbean..Sometimes I feel that all the histories of different nations and states are some how related to each other . I felt as if the warmth and peacefulness I found at the shores of Caribbean was recreated exactly when I visited the shores at Belize…. Strange !!!!

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