Héctor Feliciano Presents “The Lost Museum”

El-Museo-Desaparecido-El-Museo-Desaparacido-9789500425643The topic of art theft during World War II is still relevant in the news today. With the recent discovery of an unknown collection of artwork in Munich of and release of the film The Monuments Men, the public continues to be fascinated by the topic. Héctor Feliciano, author of the groundbreaking 1995 book El museo desaparecido, will speak about his extensive research in France and about details of the looting of works of art in Paris at that historical moment.

His lecture will take place on Tuesday, March 4, 2014, at 7:00pm at the Raul Julia Theater at the Puerto Rico Museum of Art of in Santurce, Puerto Rico.

The first time I heard about Puerto Rican journalist Héctor Feliciano was in a 1998 Vanity Fair article, “Bitter Spoils,” on the dubious origins of the legendary contents of the Wildenstein vaults in New York and Switzerland, the ownership of several rare medieval manuscripts, and the mysterious dealings of generations of that insular art-dealing dynasty. His book, known in English as The Lost Museum: The Nazi Conspiracy to Steal the World’s Greatest Works of Art, has shed light on an estimated 20,000 works of art plundered by the Nazis—an intriguing story.

For the Vanity Fair article, see http://www.vanityfair.com/magazine/archive/1998/03/wildenstein199803

To reserve space for the talk, call (787) 977-4449 or (787) 977-4403.

For announcement (in Spanish), see http://www.80grados.net/hector-feliciano-presenta-conferencia-sobre-el-museo-desaparecido/

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