Photography: “Parallel Universes—Photographic Transvergence between Spain and Puerto Rico”


“Universos paralelos: Transvergencias fotográficas entre España y Puerto Rico” [Parallel Universes: Photographic Transvergence between Spain and Puerto Rico] is the title of an ongoing exhibition that was inaugurated simultaneously at the Francisco Oller Art Gallery and the Fine Arts Gallery 209 [Galería de Bellas Artes 209]. The project, which began at the University of Puerto Rico-Río Piedras, will be on display until March 5, 2014. Between November and December 2014, “Parallel Universes” will be exhibited in Spain, in the art hall of Hospedería de Fonseca, at the University of Salamanca.

phot.UntitledIn a collaborative effort between the University of Puerto Rico and the University of Salamanca, Dr. José Gómez Isla and Dr. Laura Bravo—who worked together on this curatorial project—are in the process of coediting an extensive catalog of the exhibition.

The exhibition features twelve artists whose photographic production has been recognized in Spain and Puerto Rico. Carlos Chavarría, Alberto Feijóo, Iraida Lombardía, Jon Uriarte, Erik von Frankenberg, and Fernando Durán are six Spanish artists who share space with six Puerto Rican artists: Myritza Castillo, Tari Beroszi, Quintín Rivera Toro, Raquel Torres Arzola, Mónica Félix, and Jason Mena. Each of the proposals by these visual artists is positioned face to face with the project of an artist from the other cultural shore. This curatorial project acknowledges conceptual and aesthetic approaches that generate a fruitful dialogue and propose, without previous mutual agreement, a parallelism of purposes that will extend beyond the duration of the project.

Both the exhibition and accompanying book, aim to encourage the artistic relations between Spain and Puerto Rico, recognizing common interests and exploring shared photographic practices, and to promote cultural and academic exchanges between the artists, curators, managers, and the audience.

Besides illustrating the conceptual outline of the project, the book gathers twelve essays that correspond to the projects of each artist as well as an ample display of the exhibited works.

To purchase the exhibition catalog, please write to or call (+1) (787) 764-0000, ext. 3570.

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