New Books: Richard Price’s “Les premiers temps” and “Fesiten”


In November 2013 French publisher Vents d’ailleurs brought out two new editions of Richard Price’s First-Time (1983, 2002): Les premiers temps and Fesiten.

Les premiers temps is an enlarged edition of the book published in 1994 by Éditions du Seuil, and includes new historical materials gathered from Saamaka historians in the interim.

Fesiten (translated by Richard & Sally Price with advice from Saamaka linguist Vinije Haabo, is the first book ever published in Saamakatongo (except for missionary works) and presents a new orthography. Adapted for Saamakas (e.g., it omits explanations of elements of Saamaka life that they already know and adds information on archival research), it was written at the request of the Association of Saamaka Authorities (Vereniging van Saramakaanse Gezagsdragers)—the official representatives of the Saamaka People—who have purchased 3000 copies to distribute in schools and elsewhere in Saamaka territory. [Saamakas are one of the six recognized maroon groups of Suriname.]

Both books are available from

For purchasing information, see and

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