Cuban Film Institute to Produce 14 Feature Films in 2014


Cecilia Crespo (Cuba Now) reports that the Cuban Film Institute (ICAIC) will premiere fourteen films of different genres, approaches, styles and aesthetic goals. She especially points out Cuban film’s diversity and richness and current projects by younger directors.

Conducta, a film by Ernesto Daranas, [. . .] premiered on February 4th [. . .]. According to its director, it tells the story of Chala, an eleven-year old boy whose life is very difficult. Carmela, his teacher, is his only guide. The plot of the film starts to develop when she gets ill and has to abandon teaching. At her return, she will see that everything has changed, including the boy’s conduct.

Juan Carlos Cremata [. . .] is putting the final touches to Contigo pan y cebolla, a film to be premiered on March 24th, on the occasion of the anniversary of the Cuban Film Institute (ICAIC). [. . .] Crematorium, also by Cremata, [. . .] is composed of three stories: “En fin, el mal,” “Más allá del bien y del mar” and “En el mal la vida es más sabrosa.”

[. . .] About to be premiered is Alejandro Gil’s most recent production, La emboscada, which, as he said, is not at all a war film, in spite of its title.

[. . .] Leontina is a film [by] Rudy Mora [. . .]. Pretty close to his first work, the film tells the story of a group of children who participate in a painting contest and who need to use the color blue. But this color can only be found in the town of Palma Blanca, a place where laughter disappeared and its inhabitants walk slowly – except in the store El Legionario. [. . .]

Fernando Pérez [is] working together with Edesio Alejandro on the sound track of La pared de las palabras, their most recent project [. . .]. The film tells the story of the difficult life of a disabled man, his relationship with his family and with other people whose lives are no less stormy, as part of an excellent investigation into the human condition.

Fátima, the most recent film directed by actor Jorge Perugorría, is already in the final stage of post-production. Starring Carlos Enrique Almirante, it is based on Miguel Barnet’s tale “El parque de la fraternidad,” and tells the story of a transvestite who proclaims herself queen of the Havana nights.

Also in post-production is Omega 3, the first Cuban science fiction feature film. Directed by Eduardo del Llano, this post-apocalyptic film, which stars Carlos Gonzalvo and Daylenis Fuentes, deals with tolerance, a key in the interpersonal relations between the characters and the film’s main thesis.

Young filmmaker Jessica Rodríguez will show [. . .] her first work, Espejuelos oscuros. [. . .] As the director says, “the film takes place in four different periods of Cuban history and always has to do with the conflicts of a woman between her desires and what society expects from her. These conflicts, though they are under the skin of apparently mediocre and ordinary women, have an extraordinary nature.”

Venecia, the recent film of Kiki Álvarez, talks about the challenge of being a woman in today’s Cuba, about femininity and hope.

Filmmaker Marilyn Solaya offers us Vestido de novia. The film talks about the conflict of Rosa Elena, a nursing assistant, and Ernesto, head of a construction team, in Havana of 1994. They fall in love, get married and try to be happy until a secret of Elena’s life threatens to end that harmony [. . .].

Gerardo Chijona’s next film will be a comedy inspired by Woody Allen’s Bullets over Broadway, but which follows the road of native, though refined, humor. La cosa humana, the title of the film, approaches the world of Cuban delinquency in a satirical and ironical way, as the delinquents are educated, quoting Joyce and philosophy [. . .].

Pavel Giroud [. . .] will start shooting El Acompañante – one of the most award-winning Cuban films during its development stage – in mid-2014. The story takes place in 1988 and as the filmmaker said, its protagonist is a great boxer who is caught unaware by testing positive to doping during the Olympics and is sanctioned.

Vuelos prohibidos [is] the production title of the most recent film of Rigoberto López. Starring popular singer Paulo FG, this film is currently being shot in locations in Havana and Paris.

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