New Book: The Underwater Museum–The Submerged Sculptures of Jason deCaires Taylor


New book by Jason deCaires Taylor • Essays by Carlo McCormick and Helen Scales

Imagine this: snorkeling quietly through the balmy turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, swimming past stunning fish and coral, and then, out of nowhere, appears a surreal life-size statue of a man on a typewriter, or a group of children playing, Isabelle Raphael writes for Parade. This is not a surreal dream, but in fact the work of Mexico-based British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor.

Just a flipper kick away from the coast of Cancun, you will find a collection of over 400 underwater statues which Taylor has cast from cement that facilitates reef growth, and sunk to the ocean floor, creating hauntingly exquisite installations that grow and change with their environment. He was motivated to create the unique museum after the devastation of 2008′s Hurricane Wilma. Taylor wanted to create an artificial reef where coral and sea life would flourish, but also to create a new place for tourists, diverting the attention away from the overtaxed natural reef.

But you don’t need to be a diver to enjoy the experience. New book by Jason deCaires Taylor The Underwater Museum (Chronicle Books) documents nearly 100 of the awe-inspiring sculptures.

Follow the link below to take an immersive tour of some of Taylor’s undersea sculptural landscapes.

View original at

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