Jost Van Dyke Primary School Receives Facelift


The Jost Van Dyke School benefitted from an exterior makeover when Caribbean Insurers Limited painted the school’s exterior walls and refurbished a number of picnic tables.

The gesture came during this school term when the private company approached the school’s Principal Mrs. Marva Martin and the Department of Education with the proposal. Speaking with the Department of Information and Public Relations Principal Martin said that they embraced the idea as they were glad for the assistance and welcomed the ‘facelift’ from Caribbean Insurers.

She noted that some fathers also pitched in and helped to refurbish the picnic tables and for that they were grateful.  She stated that the newly refurbished and painted tables will now be better able to withstand the elements of the weather and last much longer.

Principal Martin revealed that she enjoys the partnership with Caribbean Insurers as this is not their first time they have freely rendered assistance to the school.  She stated that she looks forward to their growing relationship.

Managing Director at Caribbean Insurers, Mr. Brian Jermyn spoke to the growing relationship with the school as in the past; they have donated computers and filing cabinets to the institution.  Speaking on this most recent contribution, he noted that it was something that needed to be done and they decided to do it. The managing director said, “Education is obviously very important and one of the things that help inspire children is a nice school to come to,” he said, adding “It’s something that will make a big difference and the kids can take pride in how their school looks.”

[. . .] The Ministry of Education and Culture supports public private partnerships to move education forward as it continues to Create a Culture of Excellence.

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