Rihanna Sues Accountant for $9 Million in Losses

Rihanna-short-pixie-hairNew York’s Daily News reports on the latest bit of gossip from the world of Barbadian singer Rihanna. She claims in new court papers that she had $11 million in cash when 2009 began and just $2 million when it ended, and blames her accountant Peter Gounis at Berdon LLP. The firm’s lawyer counters that the accountant ‘acted properly.’ Meanwhile, Gounis said that she blew her cash on clothes, jewelry and private jets.

The singer claims her former accountant recommended dumb decisions that caused her to squander a fortune and left her “effectively bankrupt” by the end of 2009. The Barbadian beauty, who recorded hits like “Stupid in Love” the same year, says in new court papers she had $11 million in cash when 2009 began and just $2 million when it ended. To make matters worse, her expenses doubled during that time, according to the new documents in the Manhattan Federal court lawsuit she filed in 2012 against the number crunchers.

The 25-year-old pop star, whose real name is Robyn Fenty, says accountant Peter Gounis of Berdon LLP recommended she purchase a $7.5 million Beverly Hills mansion in 2009 — so she went ahead and bought it. Soon enough, the “Run This Town” crooner was running into serious financial trouble. “Mr. Gounis advised Ms. Fenty that she could afford to purchase [the home] at a time when Ms. Fenty was in financial dismay,” her court documents say.

“In 2009, Ms. Fenty was ‘running out of cash’ and Mr. Gounis knew this,” the papers say, quoting a deposition in Rihanna’s federal breach of contract and negligence lawsuit.  “Ms. Fenty’s accounts were so diminished that requested wire transfers would not go through. In fact, Ms. Fenty was effectively bankrupt at the end of 2009.” The mansion turned out to be a bad deal, Rihanna claims. It was filled with mold, leaks and other problems, and she ended up selling it for a $2 million loss, her lawsuit says.

“Mr. Gounis was fully apprised of Ms. Fenty’s financial condition, yet, nonetheless, failed to advise her that the purchase would be unwise,” her new court papers say. “In fact, in or around March 2009, defendants advised Ms. Fenty by email that purchasing a home in Los Angeles ‘would be a good investment.’ ”

For full article, see http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/gossip/rihanna-court-lost-9m-thanks-accountant-article-1.1612527

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