Conversation Series: “Locating Caribbean Studies”


The University of Miami is hosting a lunchtime scholarly conversation series:  “Locating Caribbean Studies.” The academic community is invited to join scholars in Anglophone, Francophone, and Hispanophone studies in discussions about the multiple formation of Caribbean Studies, how various developments have emerged from different methodological, disciplinary, geographical, and political perspectives and locations.

The talks, organized by the Center for Latin American Studies and the Caribbean Literary and Cultural Studies Program, will take place at the Cuban Heritage Center Conference Room (2nd floor of the Richter Library) at the University of Miami, located at 1252 Memorial Drive, Coral Gables, Florida.

The following speakers have been scheduled for Spring 2014:

Tuesday, February 25, at 11:45am—David Scott

Tuesday, March 18, at 11:45am—Kathleen López

Tuesday, April 29, at 11:45am—Vanessa Agard-Jones

[Many thanks to Mary Ann Gosser for bringing this item to our attention.]

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