Art Exhibition: “Rafael Tufiño—La magia en la creación”


I am pleased to announce that there is still time to catch “Rafael Tufiño: La magia en la creación.” The exhibition is on display until the end of this month (February 2014) at Galería San Juan Bautista [Saint John the Baptist Gallery] in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. This exhibition was put together last fall as part of the fantastic “Campechada” events. The series of cultural events was dedicated to renowned artist Rafael Tufiño, whose works celebrate the Puerto Rican identity. The gallery (Galería San Juan Bautista) is located next to the San Juan City Hall and operates under the auspices of the San Juan Museum. [Many thanks to Teo Freytes for sharing this great news.]

Description: The exhibition Rafael Tufiño: La magia en la creación [Rafael Tufiño: The Magic of Creation] offers a look at the intimate act of invention in the life and work of the prolific Puerto Rican master Rafael Tufiño (1922-2008), one of our most prominent exponents of our national arts.

tuf.imagesThe works gathered here are a sample of the manifold ways and techniques that the artist cultivated with undoubted expertise. These include oil paintings, silkscreen posters, prints, collages, and a rich selection of drawings and sketches, as well as some of his daily sketchbooks and notepads, which invite us to approach the more intimate view of the magic of the creative acts of artist. On each sheet of paper, a present idea, a dreamed image, or a scene rescued from the reality that surrounded him—works that are the most palpable material witness to the constant pursuit of creative genius by the artist.

tuf2.imagesRafael Tufiño, or “Tefo,” as he was affectionately known, became a leading figure in Old San Juan. It was common to run into him in at La Botella and Bar Seda in the 50s and 60s; also at Los Hijos de Borinquen and, until recently, at the Plaza de Armas Café, always with his sketchbook in hand. As we approach these works, we witness his personal mystery, the private world of the intimate creative spirit, the process of creation that can never be disclosed or explained, but in Tefo’s work, we grasp the consciousness of an entire community, which earned him the oft-repeated name: “the painter of the people.”

In his works, Rafael Tufiño taught us to value what we have, what is particularly ours; in his works, everyday life acquires a new meaning. Undoubtedly, his most important legacy is the harvest that emerges from the constant probing of his creative genius—in a quest to define itself and us—and the search for that fundamental Puerto Rican self.

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One thought on “Art Exhibition: “Rafael Tufiño—La magia en la creación”

  1. Tengo obras de arte de Rafael tufiñ o otros a mi cortar era caminaba o corría por la perla quere grabado en una obre de el usando pantalón corto por el pinto de pueblo
    No se quien era ese personaje que pintaba su obra en la calle ami 4 o5 año,yo estaba descubriendo el mundo. Cuando el en esa caminata me vio por que tenía una mirada fija ,jide mi cabeza de izquierda a derecha para escapar de esa mirada penetrante y huy aún lugar más seguro. Quien iba a pensar que se trataba de Tufiño yo estaba descubriendo al mundo a mi alrededor.

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