Fox Contributor Attacks Sotomayor’s ‘Allegiance’ To The United States Because She Is Puerto Rican


Laura Ingraham, a conservative radio host and frequent guest host for Bill O’Reilly’s Fox News show, suggested on her radio show Tuesday that Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s “immigrant family background” calls into question her loyalty to the United States, Ian Millhiser reports for

The context of Ingraham’s statement was a rant about Sotomayor’s decision to refer to people in the United States without citizenship or immigration papers as “undocumented immigrants” because, in Sotomayor’s words, calling “them illegal aliens seemed . . . insulting.” After claiming that Sotomayor’s preference for one term over the other somehow reflects insufficient respect for the rule of law, Ingraham said that Justice Sotomayor’s “allegiance obviously goes to her, you know, immigrant family background, not to the U.S. Constitution.”

Justice Sotomayor, who was born in the Bronx, is a Puerto Rican American. Puerto Rico is part of the United States and Puerto Ricans are United States citizens. So Sotomayor does not actually have an “immigrant family background.”

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