Hurricane-Resistant Caribbean Farming


This article caught my eye because it mentions Cornell University and the Caribbean in one breath. Not surprising, of course, what with my alma mater’s famed “Aggies,” graduates of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Caribbean Journal highlights the work of Cornell graduate and Dominican farmer Jeffery Bruney, who wants to modernize Dominica’s agriculture with a “hurricane resistant farming model”—a very timely plan! Bruney is now working to secure a patent for his innovative concept. Here are excerpts:

“What really makes this system hurricane resistant is two things: number one, one part of the system is portable so when the storm is coming you put it away,” Bruney says. “The other part of the system that is more suitable for a larger, more commercial facility is a system which involves concrete rafts or a long narrow concrete swimming pool, filled with water and a nutrient solution. When the storm is coming, you lower everything and you cover it.  When you lower the water level, the plants are submerged into the system and you cover it.”

The model, according to Bruney, is based on hyrdoponics and aquaponics — that is, growing without soil. “The nutrient solution which I use for the system I make. It is made out of some basic ingredients, molasses, oxygen and worm [fertilizer],” he says.
 Part of the system includes a worm farm, which would form part of a special nutrient cocktail that includes fish urine.

[. . .] Bruney says he has a small model system in New York City, where he actually does most of his maintenance through an app on his mobile phone.

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