Dedé Mirabal (Only Survivor of the Mirabal Sisters) Passes Away

Belgica Adela Mirabal Fernandez

Bélgica Adela Mirabal (1925-2014),  better known as Dedé Mirabal, and only survivor of the four Mirabal sisters, passed away this Saturday, February 1, 2014, in the Dominican Republic. Dedé Mirabal never became involved in the underground movement against Rafael Trujillo as her sisters did. After their untimely death, she and her mother helped to raise Patria, Minerva, and Mate’s children. For many years, she ran the museum that honors the heroic lives of the Mairabal sisters, Museo de las Hermanas Mirabal.

Dominican Today writes:

President Danilo Medina on Sunday attended funeral services for Belgica Adela Mirabal (Doña Dedé), who died Saturday after having been in ICU on a respiratory ailment. The President regretted the passing of the only survivor of the four Mirabal sisters, who were murdered on orders from the tyrant Rafael Trujillo in 1960, and said all Dominicans should thank God for allowing her such a long life. “Her children, which are a big family, survive her and what we should do now is to offer solidarity and support to her relatives,” Medina said during his visit to the Blandino funeral services on Lincoln Av.

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