New town to rise out of Enriquillo Lake’s floodwaters in 2 months

Screen Shot 2014-02-01 at 12.18.47 AM

Like the mythical bird rising out of the ashes, the town Boca de Cachón in western Independencia province is close to receiving its residents forced from their previous homes on Lake Enriquillo’s incessant encroachment, as in two months president Danilo Medina is slated to cut the ribbon on Nueva Boca de Cachón, built six kilometers from the previous site and 50 meters above sea level.

Presidency Administrative minister Jose Ramon Peralta on Thursday said the project, 85 percent concluded, will be inaugurated March 30, when 560 families, under a constant threat of flooding, will leave the old town, parts of which are already under water.

But the joy isn’t shared by all residents on complaints their homes have a higher value than the new ones built by the Government, to which Peralta cautioned, “everyone will have to accept the transfer, since once the project is inaugurated the village will be demolished to turn the area into a natural mangrove park.”

He warned that the flooding has completely polluted the old town’s aquifers and poses a threat to residents, and which could reach other villages.

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