New Books: THE COLORS OF LIFE Chronicles An Artist’s Journey


Artist Chary Castro-Marín shows readers how an artist’s life can begin in front of a piano on a Caribbean island, and lead to a grand journey that will eventually take her to a studio in Arizona. The narrative of “The Colors of Life” is in itself is akin to a series of portraits depicting crucial moments in the existence of the artist as she goes about her adventures and her pursuit of the truth that lies within art.

Castro-Marín was compelled to explore the origins of her paintings, to follow the trails of those images that form the core of her work, that are an integral part of her life’s trajectory. Author Emilio Ichikawa Morín transformed these images into words, turned them into written recollections, and so the two – the art and the text – came together to create a gallery of memory, of feeling, and of emotion. The narrative follows Rosario Castro Marín and those who shared her journey – her family, friends, and the ghosts of the past who linger only in paintings. Some of those were turned into art precisely so that she did not have to remember them.

“The Colors of Life” is a candid statement, respectful and gentle. In the context of a society filled with so many canned and manipulative messages, of so much hyped performance, the reader begins to value authentic testimonials, just as organic foods are favored over prepackaged meals. This book makes such an honest offering. In their collaborative work, Ichikawa Morín and Castro-Marín speaks of what can be accomplished by bringing together business acumen and artistic sensitivity, with the freedom to exercise both. In “The Colors of Life,” readers will truly experience the art of the eyes, the heart, and the mind.

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