New Book Edited by Raphaël Confiant: «Nouvelles des mondes créoles»

Nouvelles des mondes creoles 2In Nouvelles des mondes créoles (published in December 2013) Raphaël Confiant gathers “emblematic short stories from today’s Creole world, written by some of its most memorable or most promising authors.”

The writers included are Dominique Batraville (Haiti), Mérine Céco (Martinique), Raphaël Confiant (Martinique), Charles-Henri Fargues (Martinique), Dany Laferrière (Haiti), Dominique Lancastre (Guadeloupe), Karen Lauréote (Martinique), Catherine Le Pelletier (Guyane), Jean-François Samlong (Reunion), Anique Sylvestre (Martinique), and Khal Torabully (Maurice).

Description: Martinique, Haiti, Reunion, Guyana, Mauritius, Guadeloupe … Islands or fragments of continents where there arose a new language and culture, called Creole, which were not included in the colonial project. Nothing predisposed these kingdoms of orality to become lands of book culture. A formidable and unpredictable crucible of Amerindian myths, European ballads, African tales, Malagasy legends, and Hindu epics; the Creole imaginary spawned a burgeoning and original literature, in perpetual renewal. The contemporary short story, less common than the novel or poetry, offers a lively and diverse panorama of the imagination. From the Amazon rainforest to the Indian Ocean, this anthology includes unpublished texts by prominent authors, emerging writers, and female voices, which are so many echoes of these “smallest cantons of the universe” [plus petits cantons de l’univers] as Aimé Césaire called them.

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