Call for Papers: XXXVII Congreso Anual de Temas Hispanos-Luso-Brasileños


From the Conference organizers:

We are pleased to announce that we are currently accepting proposals for paper presentations, workshops or colloquia for the XXXVII Congreso Anual de Temas Hispano-Luso-Brasileños to be held 22-25 of October, 2014 at Indiana University of Pennsylvania in Indiana, Pennsylvania,USA.

We welcome proposals from a variety of disciplines and perspectives to contribute to the conference discourse. Proposals may pertain, but are not limited to the following themes:

Theme 1:  Literature
Theme 2:  Film
Theme 3:  Fine Arts
Theme 4:  History/Society
Theme 5:  Pedagogy (limitations apply)
Theme 6:  Narcocultura
Theme 7:  Sexuality/Pornography

We request that you submit your proposals no later than 15 May 2014.
For more information on how to submit a proposal, please refer to the
document attached to this email. Any other questions may be directed
to Drs. Dawn Smith-Sherwood and Liliana Jurewiez at Congreso Anual de Temas Hispanos-Luso-BrasileñosIndiana University of Pennsylvania
Department of Foreign Languages
455 Sutton Hall
Indiana, PA 15705-1087Image: Santiago de Cuba, watercolor by Winslow Homer

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