Institute of Jamaica to have first music symposium

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The Jamaica Music Museum (JaMM), Institute of Jamaica (IOJ) is set to host a symposium on March 28 and 29, this year “to address the potential for the Jamaican cultural industries, particularly music, to make a more measureable contribution to the Jamaican economy”, Jamaica’s Observer reports.

The symposium will be funded by CHASE and will be held in the Lecture Hall at the Institute of Jamaica under the theme “The Business of the Jamaican Music and Cultural Industries.”

In a news release Friday, the IOJ said, “The symposium will invite presenters from the cultural industries, including music, and leaders in business, finance, government, and international trade to meet, discuss and exchange ideas on how to maximise the potential of Jamaican music and cultural industries to fulfil its role in nation building.”

“The objective of the symposium is to develop a set of concrete recommendations, which can be used as a strategic framework for informing policy and initiatives within the public and private sectors,” said Herbie Miller, director/curator of the Jamaica Music Museum.

A steering committee will be established to manage the directives from the symposium and all necessary business connections from the private and public sectors, service clubs and social organisations in order to stimulate, facilitate and pilot specific investment projects and goals.

As a department of the IOJ, JaMM is mandated to archive, research and exhibit the various Jamaican music forms to highlight their social, historic, and musical values and aesthetics.

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