Cuban and Foreign Artists Paint Murals in Santiago de Cuba


Cuban artists together with others from seven foreign countries are filling the eastern city of Santiago de Cuba with colour, as part of the 11th InterNos International Mural Picture Meeting, to be held here until January 27, Prensa Latina reports.

After the projects were approved, the creative work started to complete five pictorial pieces that will be donated to Santiago de Cuba, as a homage to the city reaching 500 years of existence in 2015.

Now the works are being seen on the streets and open places in Santiago de Cuba.

A total of 104 pictorial works are part of the beauty of parks, plazas, walls and buildings.

Foreign painters are coming from Spain, Mexico, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic and Canada, and have come to show their works in art schools, the neighborhood of San Pedrito and the Jose Marti Urban District, besides working on the streets and buildings.

A collateral program to the elaboration of the murals with exhibits by Czech artist Xenia Hoffmeinserova, is being carried out.

The new creations will bring another touch and spice to a city wanting to rescue its own splendor after the considerable damages suffered from Hurricane Sandy on October 25, 2012.


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