Call for Papers/Contemporary Caribbean visual culture: artistic visions of global citizenship

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Birmingham Caribbean Visual Arts Conference: 12th and 13th June 2014

This conference aims to bring together academics, curators and creators to explore some of the key thematic priorities and political challenges which have begun to define Caribbean visual culture since the beginning of the twenty first century. The conference will address the cultural predicaments staged in the visual cultures of the English, Spanish, French and Dutch Caribbean. It also seeks to address the way different versions of the Caribbean are created and recreated within contemporary US and European contexts. Contemporary Caribbean visual practices, through multiple, often disturbing mechanisms, continue to wrestle with the nation-diaspora polemic which was an important feature of various twentieth-century cultural and political agendas. More importantly, however, they also propose new insights on questions of citizenship and new ways of interpreting globalization and transnationalism.

Call for papers

The conference aims to activate cross-disciplinary discussion on, among other issues, 21st Century Caribbean Visual Culture in terms of its participation in the on-going dialogues/diatribes on:

  • Shifting modes of community development
  • Mobility, immobility, disability and diversity
  • Governability and citizenship
  • Europe in the Caribbean and the Caribbean in Europe
  • US Caribbean Visual Cultures
  • The traumas of moving beyond race and ethnicity
  • Experiences of inter-textual literacy
  • Conversations between literature and visual culture
  • Engendering processes of mobility
  • Narratives of Migrant Sexuality.

Titles and Abstracts should be sent by Monday 3 March 2014

Conference Fee £25.

Conference Organisers

Conrad James (Department of Modern Languages, University of Birmingham) and Carlos Garrido Castellano (Departamento de Historia del Arte, Universidad de Granada).

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