Eastern Caribbean Disaster Appeal


In “Death in Paradise: Eastern Caribbean Disaster Appeal,” Gus Franklyn-Bute, Editor-in-Chief of Acu/Bien, sends out an appeal to help the Eastern Caribbean islands of St Vincent & The Grenadines, St Lucia, and Dominica, where so far 23 have been reported dead and others remain missing. He gives details below and calls for any type of contribution—large or small—through organizations such as the Eastern Caribbean Flood Relief Fund/Janice Lyttle Foundation, SVG Red Cross, and Action Bequia.

It was no Merry Christmas in paradise for Caribbean islanders and visitors on St Vincent and the Grenadines, St Lucia and Dominica. While the world outside was in full preparation and heightened excitement on Christmas eve for the imminent holiday season, a powerful trough weather system swept through the tiny Eastern Caribbean islands. The prolonged rainfall, strong anti-clockwise gales, and intense flooding caused catastrophic landslides, ripping houses apart, shattering bridges, toppling power lines and leaving thousands traumatized, homeless and at risk.

In the St. Vincent and the Grenadines, the public Milton Cato Hospital [shown above] was flooded with wards under water and patients at further risk. The current death toll are 9 dead in St Vincent and the Grenadines, 5 in Dominica and 8 in St Lucia, with several others still missing. The number of dead is expected to rise. Among the victims in this tragic holiday season in St Vincent is 2yrs old Shelani Headley, who had been vacationing from Canada with her mother and three siblings.

Local communities on each of the islands, as well a neighboring countries like Trinidad & Tobago and Barbados have been sterling in their response to the tragedy, including islanders in the tiny Grenadines island of Bequia, who organized collections of essential supplies – drinking water, food and clothing. The Caribbean Diaspora in the UK, Canada and the US have also mobilized resources, yet the need is so, so great the Eastern Caribbean islands are appealing around the world for further assistance, particularly during this Christmas season of goodwill to all.

ACU|BIEN kindly ask that as we turn our attention to welcoming the 2014 New Year, the people of St Vincent & the Grenadines, St Lucia and Dominica are in dire need of funds and other assistance to aid the clean-up, recovery and rehabilitation. [. . .]

1. Eastern Caribbean Flood Relief Fund: In collaboration with St. Vincent born recording artist, Kevin Lyttle and his family foundation (Janice Lyttle Foundation) in St. Vincent, a tax exempt Relief Fund (Eastern Caribbean Flood Relief Fund) has been established in the United States to facilitate receipt of financial contributions to support relief efforts through the Red Cross societies of the impacted islands of St. Lucia, Dominica and St. Vincent & Grenadines. Established in 1967, The Miami Foundation [. . .] allows the Eastern Caribbean Flood Relief Fund to achieve its philanthropic mission and provides strict oversight and accountability of the Fund by the Board of Trustees of the Miami Foundation.

For more information on The Miami Foundation, please visit www.miamifoundation.org. Financial donations (100% tax deductible) can be made Via Check: Make checks payable to “The Miami Foundation” and include the Fund name “Eastern Caribbean Flood Relief Fund”; Via Credit Card: Direct link http://bit.ly/1btRDyZ; Via Cash Wire Transfer: JPMorgan Private Bank – DE 500 Stanton Christiana Rd Newark, DE 19713 EFT/ACH ABA #267 084 131 Wiring ABA # 021 000 021 Account of: The Miami Foundation Account # 403251668

2. SVG Red Cross: The SVG Red Cross https://www.facebook.com/SVGRedCros has appealed for monetary donations (All cheques payable to “SVG Red Cross”). All monies will be converted into the following items:

Medical supplies; Mattresses and cots; Blankets, sheets sets- full and queen, pillows and linens; Toiletries- Toothpaste, Soap, Toothbrushes, Deodorant, Toilet Paper, Paper Towels; Bath Towels; Diapers- adult and baby; Bottled Water; Mops, Buckets, Washing powder, soap powder, disinfectants etc. For more information you may SVG Red Cross may be reached at (784) 456-1888; please ask for Mrs. George or Ms. Creese. If you consider that it may be cheaper to buy and send the listed items above, please do so, and contact the SVG Red Cross directly. ANY and ALL support is very welcomed.

3. Action Bequia: Action Speaks Louder than Word

Action Bequia is continuing to raise funds in support of the victims of the December Floods. They have set up an online donation which is a quick and efficient way to get much needed relief to those in need. Visit www.actionbequia.org under the heading “Donations“. Go to the “dropdown box” and click “How To Donate.” Choosing “One time Donation” on the final page you may selection “St Vincent 2013 Flood Relief” as the target for your donation. ‪#‎RISEUPSVG

[. . .] Once we have further information on further ways to give in the UK and Canada we will keep you posted. In the meantime, you may follow the progress reports on the following sites:

RedCrossSVG Red Cross Facebook page
SVG TV Facebook page
I-Witness News Online

For original post, go to http://acubien.com/caribbean-disaster-appeal-2014/

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