ACU|BIEN’s Occasional Series: On Caribbean Deportees/Deportation


It has been a while since we’ve posted news from ACU|BIEN. We had previously posted an item on Home Again, a feature film depicting the struggles of Jamaican deportees upon their return to the island [see previous post Film: “Home Again” Highlights Plight of the Deportee]. Here are two recently-posted, interconnected camera interviews that ACU|BIEN editor-in-chief Gus Franklyn-Bute conducted around the topic of Caribbean Deportees/Deportation from US, Canada and the UK, in the context of the film. Both are posted in the magazine’s Occasional Series, a series of conversations with leading cultural ambassadors and personalities.

I agree with Franklyn-Bute, when he states that “The issue of deportation and deportees, and their link to violent crimes and deportee displacement on returning ‘home’ will increase in socio-political relevance over time in the wider Caribbean [. . .] as it affects all migrating peoples, regardless of what may be defined as ‘home’”—as we can seen in recent news reports. Related to this topic, the links below feature Tatyana Ali and CCH Pounder, who both starred in the film.

In this link, American actress and R&B singer Tatyana Ali (best known for her childhood role as Ashley Banks on the NBC sitcom “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air), talks about her experience in the making of the film Home Again—which dramatically deals with plight of deportees who return to Jamaica. Ali plays the role of Marva, one of the 3 lead characters in the film.

pounder-home-again-359x212In the following interview, CCH Pounder talks about her experience in the making of film and provides personal insight into the moment when she became an actor-activist. The Guyananese-born, English educated, American actor plays ‘Dulsay Mooreland’, a mother who ‘got so busy’ working and trying to survive and provide the best for her son, she made a fatal error that caused his demise.

For more information, see

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