Reina Maria Rodriguez Awarded National Literature Prize 2013


Cuban poet Reina Maria Rodriguez was awarded the 2013 National Literature Prize by a jury made up of outstanding Cuban writers who considered 18 different candidates proposed by literature institutions throughout the country.

Rodriguez’ work has filled a crucial space in Cuban contemporary poetry of high aesthetic, conceptual and ethic quality, reads the document that backs the award.

Poetess Reina Maria Rodriguez, who enjoys great national and international acknowledgement, has written many anthologies and other poetry in different publications in The Americas and Europe and she is considered an outstanding figure in Cuban literature. Rodriguez’ works have been translated into many languages and have given her other awards, such as the 1988 National Culture Distinciton, France’s Order of Arts, in 1999 and the Alejo Carpentier Medal, in 2002.

The National Literature Prize is the top distinction granted every year by the Cuban Book Institute as acknowledgement of works by those authors who have enriched the legacy of Cuban culture, and literature in particular.

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