Anguillan Group “British Dependency”


Dionne Grant writes that “British Dependency,” a rising trio, is looking to put Anguilla on the musical map. They’ve already begun with the release of their new album Finding Wisdom. Grant interviews the emerging artists. [Also see a previous interview in the earlier post BD (British Dependency) – a unique sound from Anguilla.] Here are excerpts:

WHEN IT comes to islands in the Caribbean, Anguilla is probably one of the lesser-known locations in terms of its musical exports. However, British Dependency, a trio hailing from the idyllic isle, are hoping to put their hometown on the map with their unique fusion of musical genres. Here, we catch up with the rising stars, comprised of friends Joyah, Jaiden and Ruel, as they promote their debut album, Finding Wisdom.

Who is British Dependency? We are Anguilla’s own original sound. Joyah and Jaiden were born and raised in Anguilla and Ruel was born and raised in St. Kitts but has Anguillan roots. Together, we are Anguillians who are proud of our roots and our history of being a British-dependent island. This however, doesn’t indicate pride in dependency; it’s really about pride and progress.

How did you come together?  Ruel was already on a path of exploring with music and his unique gift of the guitar and vocal skills. He was being heard and well-received when he was introduced to Joyah by a mutual friend. Joyah had been privately experimenting with the bass when the same friend who introduced Ruel to Joyah highlighted Jaiden as a potential drummer for the band. Lo and behold, Ruel and Jaiden discovered that they were second cousins. When we got together for the first time, we had an instant chemistry and knew that this was a solid threesome to move forward with. We are family.

What do you think you will you add to the music industry? A unique new sound and a whole, new approach to the system. We also hope to put Anguilla and St. Kitts on the map and shed light on the fact that there are talented musicians in such places in the region. It would be rewarding to see the music industry tap in to those markets.

Joyah, you’re Anguilla’s first well-known female bass player. What other accolades are you hoping to take back to Anguilla with you from your journey in music? Wisdom, evolution, thoughtfulness, solidity and anything which helps us as a nation of people move forward.

[. . .] How would you describe your sound? It’s original. Drawing from the three individuals musical backgrounds and incorporating their influences in to the sound and bringing it together. We’re fusing eclectic, electric, aggressive, reggae mixed with rock and funk. That said, some of those songs are toned down as we include love, passion and wisdom found.

[. . .] What are your hopes, plans and goals for the future?
We are just starting to tour in and beyond our region, having played a few shows in NYC, Montreal and Jamaica. We hope to tour Europe and the West Coast of the United States as well with our debut album Finding Wisdom.

Finding Wisdom is available now on iTunes. For more information, visit:

For full article, see

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