The Program in Caribbean Cultural Studies—University at Buffalo


As our readers know, I am a fan of the Program in Caribbean Cultural Studies (in the Department of Transnational Studies, University at Buffalo)—with studies in Buffalo, New York; Merida, Mexico; and Spain and Seville, Spain [see previous post, University
at Buffalo’s Program in Caribbean and Latina/o Cultural Studies: A Hands-On
This distinctive Master’s program is headed by Dr. José F. Buscaglia, director, and Dalia A. Muller, associate director. It now has a brand new website, which we have decided to share with our readers—see excerpts from their site information and link below for full descriptions and guidelines.

Description: The Program in Caribbean Cultural Studies is a unique multi-sited program of advanced studies and research that is unparalleled in US higher education. It combines rigorous classroom study on the history, politics, cultures and intellectual traditions of the Greater Caribbean and the Atlantic World, Latin America and the Latino/a populations in the United States with two consecutive semesters of on-site learning and scholarly research abroad.

History: We have a unique history of achievement, innovation and questioning of power and intellectual paradigms. In 1967, student militants forced the State University of New York at Buffalo to establish a Program in Puerto Rican Studies (PRS). First of its kind in the country, the PRS Bachelors and Masters programs were in existence for thirty years until being transformed into a Masters in Humanities Program in Caribbean Cultural Studies. That MAH, launched in 2002, was the first—and still the only—joint degree program ever established between a US and a Cuban institution of higher education: the University of Havana. Continued expansion led to the current multi-sited program with its broad hemispheric and trans-disciplinary projections. For almost half a century now, our programs have been at the forefront of social change, anticipating new trends in intellectual traditions and promoting innovation in academia and beyond.

Our program is currently nestled in UB’s Department of Transnational Studies, a cutting-edge outfit that is redefining interdisciplinary initiatives worldwide.

For more information, see Program in Caribbean Cultural Studies

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